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Should I trust bitcoins?

26Bitcoin investors have faith that bitcoin will rise its value, although cryptocurrencies are volatile and the general crypto market experienced an abysmal fall. This is because of projections and the confidence that the public is acquiring about using bitcoins and other altcoins.

If you are yet not sure whether you should invest on bitcoins or not, first you need to know the reasons why people have the belief that it will be profitable for them to invest.

Why people trust bitcoin so much?

There are some factors that make people trust that bitcoin value will rise due time. Here are some of them:

    • Most investors see the recent fall of bitcoin as a great opportunity to buy rather than abandon all hopes of recovery.

  • El Salvador and other countries are using bitcoin as legal tender along with US Dollars as currency are improving the trust the general public have about cryptocurrency.
  • The money being made in crypto is real and has value to the world (or rather because the world gives it its value), and the lack of control by nations has made it a decentralized power over economy that anyone can be part of.
  • New investors always appear as the time passes, thus adding value to bitcoin.
  • As the world becomes more interconnected bitcoin has very low transactions fees to send money between countries.
  • The transparency of information about bitcoin makes it so that no one can seize money, or move the market to their favour without everyone noticing and being able to react. This do not happen with regular currency.
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Risks of Bitcoin.

Not everything is good about bitcoin, since there exist some risks factors that investor all over the world have to keep in mind.

  • Volatility: bitcoin price always changes and will always do so you have to keep your finances on check to be able to profit from it.
  • Security: The principle behind bitcoin is one of the safest in the world, but one aspect about how we access bitcoin. Hackers are making profit by seizing bitcoins of people with poor security devices. To avoid this most people, rely on encrypted physical wallets.
  • Regulations: Due to lack of taxation governments of the world do not know how to approach cryptocurrencies, so investors should be an aware that future legal regulations about their wealth could be made.

Don’t be afraid, most of these risks can be avoided with proper management of your finances and being aware of every aspect of the global news.


Bitcoin has many risks, but it also has many benefits for people that really takes their time to comprehend this system. So, with a proper investigation about market trends and being cautious, you could profit from investing in bitcoin.

If you are worried about investing to save money in the long run, keep in mind that projections make bitcoin one of the most profitable ways to save money. And if you see some value drops that could be detrimental for you, you could sell al your bitcoins at any time.